This treatment has been used to reduce facial wrinkles and create a subtle, natural "freshened" appearance for more than 15 years.
Benefits of these procedures include: 
  • quick and easy to administer
  • low discomfort
  • no downtime
  • minimal risks
  • results visible within just a few days
Your technician will consult with you to determine your desired results, the area for treatment, your current skin condition to achieve the best results.

Botox is FDA approved for treatment of frown lines, crow's feet and wrinkles between the brows (also called the 11's).  


Botox weakens or paralyzes certain muscles or nerves, preventing contractions and decreasing the wrinkles that are formed by muscle movement.  It works best on shallow wrinkles.


Patients will see the full effects one week after treatment. These will last three to twelve months, depending on the area that you are treating. Repeat injections will maintain the effects.   


The most common side effects are mild pain, swelling, or bruising at the injection site. 

Dysport  is FDA approved to treat wrinkles and fine lines, similar to Botox .  


Dysport  works by changing nerve transmission in the injected muscles, decreasing the ability to contract the muscles. This, in turn, results in a decrease in the wrinkle lines, and also in the ability to frown and make some facial expressions.


Nerve transmission is expected to resume and the wrinkles and lines of facial expression are expected to return.  


 The vast majority of people receiving Botox  or Dysport  have no side effects or undesired effects, at all, and when side effects do occur they are usually mild and transient.

We offer multiple discounts on treatment packages.  

Botox has been approved to treat excessive under am sweating for nearly 15 years. The syndrome is Hyperhidrosis.  Treatment works by paralyzing the sweat glands just below the skin's surface -- an incredibly easy fix for anyone suffering from extreme sweating and when antiperspirants are not effective.

Botox™ treatments can be quickly completed in our office during your lunch hour with ZERO down time.

Read more about this use of Botox HERE. If you have any questions, please schedule a complimentary consultation with a member of our team.