The skinny on good skin (and how to improve it)

When the candles seem to overtake the birthday cake, you know that "middle age" may be creeping closer. Another sign? Skin that's become thin and less luminous. In today's blog, a few thoughts on embracing youthful skin.

Middle age brings a decrease in the bodies' estrogen and even for the most faithful users of sunscreen and wide-brimmed hats, wrinkles and sagging skin come along, too.

A few of the skin changes you may notice:

  • sun spots or liver spots

  • dryer skin

  • thinner

  • new adult acne break outs

  • loss of elasticity, sagging skin

  • wrinkles

While natural aging progression plays a big role in our skin, by far the biggest culprit to skin's appearance, texture and health is sun exposure (and tanning beds). Even if you enjoyed some sunny summer moments (or two or three), it's never too late to battle the sun. As you embrace youth in your middle age keep the sun's rays at bay by:

  1. Preventing sunburn when you're out and about.

  2. Use sunscreen when outdoors -- year-round.

  3. Cover up with protective clothing and a hat.

Beyond those external steps, there are some lifestyle changes to consider which may help hold off the effects of time.

Hydration. Drink water. And lots of it. The Mayo Clinic credits water with flushing out toxins, carrying nutrients to cells and promoting supple skin, too. Recommendations vary depending on your activity level, outside temperatures, etc., the general rule is 8-10 glasses. Drink up! Your skin will thank you for it!

Moisturizer. Collagen weakens in your 40's -- and that's where the lines and wrinkles take hold. As you notice your skin texture changing, add a good quality moisturizer that can help your skin retain its youthful glow. Our team can offer recommendations that will best meet your needs and help your skin look its best.

Sleep. One of the additional challenges that rears its ugly head during middle age is difficulty sleeping. The National Sleep Foundation recommends 7-9 hours for adults. Yes. 7 to 9 hours.

It's unfair that for women sleep seems to just be out of reach beginning during pregnancy, then when the house is full of little ones, and then when menopause hits.

Exercise. We, too, are sick of this suggestion being on the top ten lists of all health-related to-do's, but we have to put it here. Exercise helps with circulation and blood flow and that translates to more youthful skin. A bonus? Daily exercise may assist with your sleep and improve your mood, too. Sigh. We give up. It's just too good for you to be passed over.

There are numerous aesthetic treatments which can help improve your skin tone, texture, and luminosity at any age. Even better? These procedures can be done during an in-office visit with very little downtime and very positive results. A complimentary consultation with a member of our team can help determine which treatment is best for you.

Our technicians are excited to offer our patients the latest in aesthetic care without the need for surgery.

If you have any questions about our services, we would love to meet with a complimentary consultation. Send us a text or an email today!

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