Skin Hydration = How Water Helps Heal Your Skin

Water is a simple, inexpensive, calorie-free way to improve your skin. In today's blog we're talking water -- why we need good skin hydration and how much you should drink daily.

Water keeps your body systems functioning. It aids with digestion, circulation, absorption and even excretion. Unfortunately, we continually lose it through breath, sweat, and bathroom breaks. And we must replace it daily for good health (and good looks).

skin hydration -- how water helps heal your skin

Skin Hydration 101.

Your appointment reminder text/email from our MediSpa comes with an additional recommendation: drink plenty of water in the days before you see us.

Then, you'll hear the same advice immediately following your treatment. Why the focus on good skin hydration? Water will help your skin in the healing process following treatments with our aesthetic team. Think of your skin as a body organ, similar to other parts of the body. It consists of cells that are made up of water. Good hydration flushes out toxins and helps cells function.

There are lots of reasons to drink water for good skin tone. In fact, poor skin hydration may be reflected with dry, tight and flaky skin. Plus dryness, dullness, and even discoloration -- pretty much the opposite of what we strive for with aesthetic treatment and care.

How much water is enough?

The big question -- exact recommendations remain fluid (ahem, pun alert). The Mayo Clinic reports an adequate intake for most men is about 13 cups daily; with 9 cups recommended for most women.

Keep in mind, this advice includes daily total liquid intake. Drinking water remains the best hydration approach, it can be taken in through foods and other beverages. Fruits and veggies offer a good source of water. Milk and juice also help hydrate. Coffee, alcohol and soda? Not so much. These beverages do offer water, but caffeine and alcohol cause a diuretic effect, meaning you'll lose more water to process these beverages through your system than water will be added. If you drink these beverages daily, don't count them in your total daily intake; add a glass of water to cover the deficit.

Individuals have a individual needs for hydration. Check out this handy tool from Camelbak. This hydration calculator enables you to input your age, gender, activity level, etc. to determine more individualized hydration recommendations. Access it HERE.

Drink up!

We embrace good skin hydration to aid in the healing process and help ensure you achieve the very best results from our services.

Following your skin treatments at our MediSpa, our technicians will provide excellent moisturizing products to aid in healing and help provide water to the skin's surface. We are happy to offer recommendations on good skin care products for everyday use, too.

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