Natural, Non-surgical Hair Loss Treatment for Men and Women – that works!

Hair loss, thinning hair, baldness – an unwelcome guest; Vampire™ Hair Restoration is fighting back with a cutting-edge hair loss treatment that is quick, financially attainable, and only mildly uncomfortable. Even better? It works!

The Vampire™ hair loss treatment is a non-surgical, natural hair regrowth therapy to treat thinning hair or patients with Alopecia. This hair loss treatment:

  • has proven effective for both men and women

  • provides natural looking results

  • offers thicker, fuller hair

  • increases overall hair growth

Good candidates for the hair loss treatment are anyone with thinning or wispy hair. Unfortunately, as with all hair loss treatments, this therapy remains most effective when started before hair follicles have gone completely dormant.

The science behind the Vampire™ Hair Loss Treatment. Similar to other Vampire™ procedures, this procedure utilizes a patient’s own blood and stem cells. Following a quick blood draw, a patient’s blood spins in a centrifuge. High-speed spinning separates red blood cells from plasma, creating Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), a substance packed with stem cells and natural body hormones.

Your technician injects your own PRP into your scalp to establish a healthier environment for hair growth. PRP hair loss treatment stimulates the bodies’ natural repair cells and the existing dying follicles. Another benefit? There is no risk for allergic reactions or side effects as we use your own bodies’ PRP.

Your appointment. After completing the necessary health history and consent paperwork, you will have a brief consultation with your technician. He/she will answer questions and discuss your after-care instructions.

Next, he/she applies a topical numbing cream to your scalp to reduce discomfort. Your blood will be drawn. Upon placement in the centrifuge, the blood spins at a high speed to enable the PRP extraction. Finally, your technician will inject the PRP in various areas around your scalp. Every effort will be made to limit your discomfort; our patients report only minor pain during this procedure.

Recovery & Results. Often described as a “lunch hour procedure,” the Vampire™ hair loss treatment enables patients to move on with their day with little to no downtime. Mild soreness or swelling, if any, typically resolve within hours. You may take Tylenol for pain if needed, however, all anti-inflammatory pain medications (such as Aleve™, Aspirin or Advil™) should be avoided.

Hair regrowth will begin within about three weeks, with the full results visible within three months.

Follow-up Recommendations. Keep your scalp clean for the immediate 24-48 hours following your hair loss treatment at our MediSpa. You may shampoo as normal, we recommend using a DHT blocking shampoo for the next three months. (Our team can offer more detailed recommendations at your appointment).

For optimal results, we recommend a multi-treatment approach. Typically, patients pursue 3-5 treatments. Your technician can discuss treatments and recommend how many you may need for the full benefit of this amazing hair loss treatment. You may return for a follow-up treatment (if desired) in 8-12 weeks.

Expect to enjoy the benefits of this hair loss procedure for up to 18 months. To maintain your healthy new hair growth, an annual treatment is recommended.

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