Banish Thanksgiving Turkey...Neck

Autumn is in full swing. Let the holiday gatherings commence!

Growing up in my family, that meant taking lots of pictures. It also meant listening to my grandma complain about how her "turkey neck" was about to be immortalized on film.

What's a turkey neck? No, I'm not referring to the part Cousin Eddie wanted Clark to save for him (Christmas Vacation=best holiday movie ever!) You know that little thing that hangs down under your chin and the accompanying folds that go with it? Behold the turkey neck! My grandma's nemesis. Thanks to the latest technologies, we don't have to avoid family pictures though.

RF Treatment

When it comes to skin tightness and elasticity, collagen, elastin and reticular fibers are our best friends. Unfortunately, with each passing Christmas, we lose those valuable supportive fibers, causing our skin to sag and wrinkle. Luckily, technology has an answer to Father Time robbing us of our youthful skin: Radio frequency or RF.

RF is a form of alternating electromagnetic energy that causes selective heating of the epidermis and dermis which stimulates production of all those magical supportive fibers. So long turkey neck (or tummy skin, or jowls)!

RF has been used in surgery for around 50 years; becoming popular in aesthetic medicine in 2000. Today it's the gold standard in skin-tightening and tissue rejuvenation. There are three forms of RF, but the most technically advanced for aesthetics is multipolar. At Snake River Aesthetics & MediSpa, we offer the latest RF technology available: The Venus Versa.

Zero Downtime

A typical RF treatment is very comfortable, with many clients falling asleep during the gentle warming massage sensation offered by our staff. Treatments for skin tightening are quick enough to be done on a lunch break, lasting only about 30 minutes. For best results, this amazing treatment should be given as a series, once a week until complete. Final results will be visible at 3 months, although some change is noticeable within a few weeks. The best part...ZERO downtime!

When you're ready to be rid of that sagging skin, give us a call!

We offer package discount pricing as well as club membership that allows for small monthly payments and great discounts.

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