Double chins are SO cute! (On babies)

We do love double chins! They're even cuter with a little slobber and a toothless smile. None of which is appreciated as much after the age of 2. So how do we deal with that pesky little pocket of chin fat? We have the answer, and it involves chemistry...which is just cool.

Submental fat...uhhhh, what?

My friend calls it her "gobbler".  That is cuter than the medical term, "submental fat". Whatever we call it, a double chin is not something most of us strive to achieve. Try or not, though, many of us find we have developed a little "something extra" under our jawline. 


Dr. Sutter (Bengal Pride!), always said we would use chemistry in real life. In this case, chemistry gets rid of unwanted (as if any are wanted) double chins. Deoxycholic acid...or more specifically 3-alpha, 12-alpha-dihydroxy-5-beta-cholan-24oic acid is the name of this little miracle worker in a vial. Thankfully for the non-chemistry nerds out there, the trade name of this liquid super-hero is Kybella. It actually works by destroying fat-cell membranes, releasing the contents into the tissues--which are absorbed into the bloodstream and gotten rid of by the body. Voila! Bye-bye, gobbler!

Sign me up!

Almost anyone can enjoy the magic of Kybella. At Snake River Aesthetics & MediSpa, we want to be sure each client is a good candidate before we proceed. Kybella may not be the best treatment for people taking blood thinning medications, those with existing nerve injuries, or those who have had previous surgery in the area.

Kybella treatments are quick enough to be completed on a lunch hour and offer zero downtime. A session consists of icing the area, marking the site, and injecting; which can usually be done in about 20 minutes. For most clients, icing the treatment area is adequate for pain control, but we do offer a topical numbing cream for those wanting a little extra "insurance". 

Swelling after injection is normal and expected, but usually resolves within 3-4 weeks. Over that time, the liquefied fat also begins to disappear.

Although some patients can receive desired results in just one treatment, most require 2-3, each about 4 weeks apart. 

After just one Kybella  and 4 Diamond Polar skin tightening treatments

      Results after just one Kybella and 4 Diamond Polar skin tightening treatments.

Combination treatments

While Kybella is a fabulous treatment all by itself, at Snake River Aesthetics & MediSpa, we offer the perfect complement to fat dissolving: radiofrequency skin tightening. Together, these two powerful procedures create a beautiful profile. Let us know if you're interested in this dynamic duo.

Leave the double chins to babies. Give us a call today to get rid of yours.

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