TriBella...THE trifecta of skin rejuvenation

Fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, uneven skin tone; all "gifts" of aging. While getting older truly is a gift, showing our age isn't a requirement. In fact, attending that class reunion with the confidence of having aged beautifully, is really kind of fun.

Enter: The TriBella

What is this amazing treatment? Well, it begins with a photofacial. Intense pulsed light (read: laser), acts to stimulate collagen production deep in the skin, while removing surface signs of aging, such as sun damage and those tiny, red blood vessels which cause uneven skin tone and really...just age us.

Next, radiofrequency waves further stimulate production of collagen and elastin - the elastic components we lose as we age, causing loose, sagging skin. This part of the treatment is very relaxing, and feels almost like a hot stone massage.

Finally, a small needled applicator works to penetrate the surface of the skin, creating tiny channels and sending more radiofrequency deep into the dermis (deep layer of skin) where, guess creates even more stimulation of collagen and elastin fibers. The small channels trigger the healing process within our skin, causing stem cells and other healing cells to come "repair" the damage.

The cherry on top?

Human stem cells. We immediately apply stem cells topically, which are absorbed into our skin through the channels we've created. Then...magic. Over the next 3 months, our bodies work to reverse and repair years of damage.


Something this good has to have some serious "no-selfie" time, right? Wrong. Most clients leave our office looking a bit sunburned. The next morning, there is often a little puffiness around the eyes which improves throughout the day. Mineral-based make-up can be applied 24 hours later. The redness and puffiness gets better each day, and within a week, clients are enjoying baby-soft skin.


This incredible treatment offers great results within a week, but results just keep getting better over the next 3 months as collagen production peaks.

Now is THE PERFECT time to schedule your TriBella to be ready for those summer reunions. Give us a call! (208) 339-0106

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